hello! here's how you can help the victims of typhoon rolly and typhoon ulysses.


Below are links to different organizations trying to raise funds/accept donations for the victims of the super typhoons.

Super Typhoon Rolly came strongly, stirring the Philippines. It made its landfall in Bicol region not only once but twice in one day, last Sunday, November 1, 2020. Calabarzon also got a taste of its raging power as it struck the land two more times before it subsided into a tropical storm and journeyed into the West Philippine Sea. In its path, it left nothing but chaos as 5.76 billion pesos worth of damage was inflicted on infrastructure and 2 billion pesos on agriculture. Over 400,000 people were displaced from their homes and a total of 68.6 million Filipinos were affected by the typhoon. (As of November 10, 2020)

Although Bicol was still in shock over Super Typhoon Rolly, the massive floods brought upon by Typhoon Ulysses is unmatched. It then stormed into Calabarzon, Central Luzon and Metro Manila - leaving 14 deaths and 4.2 billion pesos of infrastructure damages. (As of November 13, 2020)

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